[The Audio\Visual Crew]

A full-service commercial production company, evolved in the digital age


Our world has quickly evolved into a global inter-connected digital landscape. 

The way people consume video content has vastly changed due to the rapid advancement of technology, social media and streaming platforms. 

This gives rise to a next generation full-service production company; thus, the Audio\Visual Crew was born. 


Some crews breakdance. Others operate ships or aircrafts.

We tell stories.

Every member of our team knows their role and is devoted to their craft. Our Mission: Impact storytelling, stories that transform social norms, break down stigmas, and showcase the beauty of nature and the human beings that live in it.

There is no formula for our style and creative process. We approach each project with a commitment to capture the essence of a story which will resonate with viewers.  


There is an innate human desire in all of us to know and be known.

We at the A\V Crew believe there is no greater vehicle to do this than to share a great story.

In centuries past, people could only go to the theater for this. Today, most go to the movies or their living room to experience a great story.

A\V Crew videos are at 500 million views and counting.

We believe we got there by embodying a spirit of service, vigorous collaboration, and a commitment to excellence.


We are passionate about helping our clients tell their story. And like the A\V Crew our client roster is diverse.

We’ve been privileged to serve brands including Mercedes-Benz, Major League Baseball, The Ad Council, MAC Cosmetics, and Goodwill.

If we’re privileged to work with you and your company, our team will show up every day excited to share your mission with your desired audience.


The Crew


ANDREW VALLENTINE \ Executive Producer & Director 

Andrew has a BA from Michigan State University and an MFA from Chapman University. After graduating, he was one of the first 30 employees at Fullscreen Media and has since gone on to create his own production company: The Audio\Visual Crew. He is known as the “biggest youtuber without a channel”. When not working on videos, Andrew can be found walking the streets of Los Angeles with his husband Danny, and their dog Pierre, looking for the best cupcake in town.


brittany mcmanus \ Senior Producer

Brittany has a BA from Belmont University and a MFA from University of Cincinnati. She moved to Los Angeles in 2015 and began producing for The A\V Crew when it began in 2016. She has produced videos for Mercedes-Benz, Major League Baseball, Volunteers for America, and the Ad Council, to name a few. Brittany’s family has a long history of veterans, and she is very passionate about ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Whenever Brittany is not working, you can find her at Disneyland or sitting at home with a cup of tea watching British television.



Having worked in Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai, London and Doha, Siddharth has managed and driven all forms of production with multiple teams around the world. Diversity in collaboration has always led to telling compelling stories, and this is a value that Siddharth holds very highly. He loves getting an intimate understanding of the client and telling the right story for their audience. He has produced over 50 music videos, commercials, branded shorts and TV Pilots. Personal interests include a trip to the theater, tennis court and experimenting with smoothies.


Dan Anderson \ Senior Creative Producer

As a classically trained musician, US Air Force Veteran, and creative writer, Dan brings a diverse background of experience to the A\V Crew. He has collaborated with teams around the world including Italy, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, Canada and across the United States. As an ambassador musician in the USAF, he interacted with senior civilian and military leaders, including the President of the United States. Whether he’s sharing the field with Lady Gaga at the SuperBowl or at an intimate dinner with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, he is committed to delivering the highest possible level of artistry. In his spare time, Dan volunteers to support social causes such as military mental health, the opioid crisis, and mentoring at-risk youth.


Creative Collaborators


Sten Olson \ Director of Photography




Cristina Mencia \ SENIOR Graphic Designer 


Kris Sundberg \ Visual Effects Supervisor


Dylan McGale \ Assistant Director